Rose and Miles are expecting again!  And this time, there is no question in Miles’ mind that its his.  bignews

Miles was ecstatic when Rose told him.  They’ve been trying, but the first couple of times they had failed to conceive.


Rose shares the news with Solomon.  “A baby?  Can I have a baby brother?” asks Solomon.  “It’s up to the masters in the sky,” replied Rose.  (Just eat some carrots Rose).  “What if its a girl?” Rose asks him.  “Eww, I want a brother!”


Miles puts together a baby shower for Rose since she never had one when Solomon was on the way.


Solomon was so eager to show everyone his brother in his mom’s belly.  “I can feel him kicking!” he squealed.  Rose Just smiles down at him.

Solomon even bragged to everyone when he and his mom volunteered at the bake sale.


Uh-oh, Rose is going into labor.  Miles is having preparental panics, running around the house.



“Honey, why don’t you get us some milk,” suggests Rose.  Rose knows Miles wants to be there to help with the delivery, but as panicky as he is, he was better off someplace else.


Rose hoped she’d have the baby before Miles got home.  His preparental panics weren’t helping the situation at all.

Come on Rose, one more push!



It’s a girl!  Miles gets back home to see his baby girl (he didn’t bring the milk by the way).daddygirl

Solomon, came in after school and upon hearing the news of the baby’s arrival he goes to greet his brother.  Or so he thinks.


“Hi, baby brother! I’m your big brother.”  Rose comes in and tells him he had a baby sister instead.


“I don’t want a sister!”  With that he storms off to his room.  Rose and Miles were trying out different names for their new daughter.  After a couple of names that neither one of them liked Miles says, “What about Arethusa?”  “Hmmm, interesting,” says Rose, “what does it mean?”


“An apricot colored, rare rose,” Miles responds.  “I like it.  Baby Arethusa,” she says smiling at Miles and their new baby.





Dearly Departed



With Solomon’s birthday just the day before, Miles hoped that his grandparents has changed their mind and were willing to make amends.  Solomon was growing up fast and he would love to have them get to know Solomon before it was too late.


He calls his cousin/sister, Denise.  They had kept in touch for awhile and of course with Miles busy with his own family, they had lost touch.  “Hello,” says Denise on the other end, “Hi sissy,” Miles says, “how have you been?”  “How’s grandpa and grandma,” Miles asks.  “Miles?  Oh Miles,” Denise sighs, “Grandpa just passed last night.  He was so broken-hearted after Grandma passed away the night before, I think he just didn’t want to go on without her.”  “Why didn’t you call me before, sissy??”  “Grandpa didn’t want me to call you, Miles.”

With that Miles heads over to his grandparents house with Solomon in tow.  grandparentshouse

so good to see you


“So good to see you sissy,” says Miles.  I want you to meet Solomon.” They spent some time talking about the past specifically recalling their younger years with their grandparents.  Denise teaches Solomon how to play chess and as it turns out, Solomon was pretty good at it.  After a couple of games Denise had to keep cheating to come close to winning a game.

cheating denise

Denise grilled up some hotdogs and called over Miles and Solomon to join her.  “You can come stay with us, Sissy, you don’t have to stay here by yourself.


“I’m fine, besides I’ll be a young adult in a couple of days,” Denise claims.  “Well, if you change your mind, you know my number,” Miles tells her.

Meanwhile, Rose was out visiting her good friend Lillie.  Rose was happy for Lillie now, having her own place.  She always worried about her sleeping at the park or the gym, but Lillie always refused to come stay with Rose each time she offered.


Lillie going through the early stages of dementia, had some trouble recognizing Rose.  She screamed at Rose when she was trying to fix Lillie a home cooked meal.  “This is inappropriate!  Who are you?? Get out of my house!”  Rose was broken-hearted seeing her friend not doing so well.  She decided taking selfies and sending them to Lillie’s phone would help Lillie remember who she is.selfiewithlillie

The next day, Rose goes to the gym for her workout and finds Lillie sleeping there.


Poor Lillie.  Rose nudges her to wake up.  Lillie opens her eyes, “Yes?”  “It’s me, Lillie, Rosey.”  Lillie looking confused, Rose tells her, “remember I was at your house yesterday?  We took pictures, remember,” as she shows Lillie their picture together.  “It’s me, Rosey,” Rose says again, “look on your phone, you have the same picture.”  At that, Lillie’s eyes light up finally recognizing Rose.  “Rosey!” Lillie says, getting up to hug Rose.


Rose takes her friend back to Lillie’s house and promises herself she’d call her the next day.  Rose calls her and no answer.  She calls again some time later and still no answer.  She decides to go over to Lillie’s.  Once she got there, she was surprised to see movers moving all the furniture out.  “Wait, where are you going with this stuff?” Rose asks, fearing the worst.  “What’s going on here?”  One of the movers stopped and asked, “Are you a relative of the deceased?”  Did Rose hear right?  Did he say deceased?  “No, I’m…I’m just a friend,” Rose struggled to say.

Rose returns home still trying to process the news of her departed friend.  She felt guilty that she didn’t insist on Lillie coming to her house.  The thought of her friend dying all alone was too much to for her.  Miles being the supportive husband, caresses her cheek and tells her, “she’s in a better place now.”


“I love this man,” thought Rose as she pulls him in for a kiss.kiss




Family of three

Some time had passed since the incident between Miles and his grandfather.  Rose and he had gotten married and moved in together.  There was no big ceremony since neither of them could afford it and Miles’ family had cut off his funds.  Rose was happy that Miles has accepted that he is the father.  It still would’ve been better if he had taken the test, just to remove any doubt in his mind.  Better yet, his families.

Rose continued to work at her job while Miles stayed home with Solomon and painted when Solomon napped.   Rose wished he would keep some of the paintings he did, but he insisted on selling them to help out with the bills and getting a house.  “We need to get a proper place for the baby,” Miles insisted.


Solomon had grown into the cutest, but the most mischievous little boy.

Solomon being scolded for playing in the toilet

If he wasn’t playing in the toilet, he was somewhere else making a mess.


But he brought happiness to both Rose and Miles.  Rose wished she could be home more, but with her busy schedule, Miles spends more time with him than Rose. (Oh well, it can’t be helped.)


They go to the toddler park where Solomon loved to be read to.


Bath time was always a challenge.  Solomon gets upset when it’s time to get out of the bath.


After a long day, Miles would tuck in Solomon and return to his paintings.

Rose of course would take over on her days off so Miles can go to the gym.  She loved her time with Solomon.


And Solomon had made some friends of his own.  Rose had became friends with a co-worker that has triplets.  So Rose and Solomon go to their house for Solomon to play.

Solomon has picked up some bad habits from the other kids, though.  Lately when he doesn’t get a cookie he bites and loves to take his clothes off and run around naked.

Rose getting on Solomon for biting (SHE BIT HIM FIRST ROSE, I SAW THE WHOLE THING!)


(See what I’m talking about?  And look at his face like, “aaah, I gotta to try that sometimes!”)

Solomon liked to play hide-and-seek with his new friends.hideandseek

Count to 10 Solomon!  “one…two…three…five…eleventeen…ten!”  Ready or not, here he comes!

All in all, the Carr family is a happy family.  With Solomon growing up so fast, Rose climbing higher in her career and Miles finally getting a job as a painter.  Yay!  Hopefully they can afford a house soon!



“I Got you”

Rose is loving motherhood.  Although things may be a bit rough, she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She really wish Miles’ family would just butt out.  Miles’ grandparent’s comment of the baby being too dark to be Miles’ had really hurt her.  “The child is even darker than Rose, must’ve gotten from his true father,” They had said, the night of the birth.  Rose didn’t know why Solomon was a lot darker than she and Miles, but who’s to say Solomon’s dark skin didn’t come from her side of the gene pool.  A gene pool that she didn’t know much about.

“His family is driving me crazy,” Rose confesses to Lillie. “I’m tired of hearing how dark Solomon is.”

driving me crazy

“Don’t let it get to you.  In time they’ll see.  What does Miles have to say about any of it?”  “Well, he’s not saying much, really, but he’s amazing with Solomon.  I’m not sure what he’s waiting on to take the paternity test,” Rose admits.  “He knows,” says Lillie, “he knows it’s his.”  “You think so?” asks Rose.  “Well, I hope so.”

Miles did know, Solomon was his.  The first time Miles held him, he knew.  True Solomon is darker, but Solomon’s eyes were so much like his eyes!  “Take the test,” his grandfather urged.

take test

Miles felt responsible for his grandfather’s obvious dislike towards Rose and the baby.  look at baby.jpg

“Look at that child, he’s too dark to be yours!” Freddie says.  “I won’t let you do this to our family!”  With that said he storms off.


“Don’t worry little guy,” Miles says to Solomon, “I got you.”  Solomon cues and smiles at his father.





Loved by God

With the due date getting closer, Rose arranges for the birth to be at her “home”.  Miles still comes over every now and again just to chill.  She had learned a lot more about him in the last couple of days then she did the night of their escapade (naughty Rose).  She still wasn’t thrilled about his wanting a paternity test, but he had a point.  She’d want to be sure too.  Miles may have a lot of confidence in all that he does, but Rose can sense a hint of sadness in him.  Especially when he starts talking about his mother.  Maybe when the baby comes and he’s assured the child is his, it’d bring him some closure.  She found it sweet of him that he wanted to be there when she goes into labor.  That made her smile.


Rose is going into labor!  She picks up the phone and calls Miles, “It’s time…arrrggghhh,” as she bites her lip through another contraction.  “Aahhh!  Aaahh!  Just hang on!  I’ll be there in a minute!” (Baby waits for no one, Miles, JUST GET THERE GEEZ)

He got there as soon as he could.  With his grandparents in tow.  He quickly explained to Rose they had to bring him since it was faster than riding the city bus.  “Ohh okay,” Rose says.  She walks up to Miles grandfather to introduce herself as he helps himself to her food in her fridge.  “Aah, hi, I’m Rose.”I'm rose.jpg

“I know who you are.  What I don’t know is why you’re trying to pin your child on my grandson.”  “okayyy…please, make yourself at home,” Rose says condescendingly and walks off to her bed feeling yet another contraction.

“Arrgghhh!  Oh he’s really coming this time!” Rose screams hovering over the bassinet.laborpain


Here he is!  solomon

Aww!  “Can I hold him?” Miles asks.  “Of course,” says Rose.dark baby

“What are you naming him,” Miles wanted to know.  “Solomon,” says Rose. loved

“Solomon??  Why Solomon?” Maggie, Miles grandmother, asks.  “Because he’ll forever be loved by God.”



Gummybear Pancakes

Rose was grateful for Miles when she came to a spic-span “home.”  She didn’t know when Miles got through and left, but she was thankful all the same.  Maybe she should make breakfast tomorrow and invite him over.

She wakes up feeling a bit silly and starts to make some gummybear pancakes.gummy bears

She calls him and asks if he wanted to join her for breakfast.  Miles is never one to turn down a free meal.  “Sure!  I’ll be right over.”  eating together

“You came over in your pajamas?” Rose asks him teasingly.  “Why not,” says Miles, “You’re still in yours.”  “At least I’m at home,” Rose defended herself.  “Riiiighht,” he says.  (Miles trying to be a smarty-pants)

Miles had at least brought a change of clothes which he quickly changed into after eating.  Rose changes too.  “I never got to thank you for yesterday, thank you,” Rose tells Miles.  “Not a problem, it was my pleasure.  So how are you and the baby?”  “Great, I think he’s ready to come on out.  He keeps kicking like he’s trying to kick his way out of there.  Want to feel?”  “Yes, of course,”  Miles says's the baby

“Let’s take a selfie,” says Milesselfie

Rose wasn’t exactly sure what was going on between them, but she was beginning to see a side of Miles that she liked.  “Maybe he’s coming around,” she thought.  At least she hopes so.  As for Miles, he too didn’t know what this “thing”  is developing between them, but he had to admit, Rose wasn’t so bad.  She’s cheerful and bit of a goofball, which cracks him up.  Regardless, Miles was still firm in wanting a paternity test.  If only Rose could put herself in his shoes.  He wasn’t trying to be hurtful, he just didn’t want to invest his time in a child that could possibly be someone else’s.



The Help

With the baby on the way Rose knew she had to get a second job.  Or at least work more hours to bring in some more funds.  Knowing her boss looks out for his employees she asked if there was any chance of her getting more hours.  Her boss agreed and had Rose tending the bar on nights when the restaurant was packed.

pouring drink

Rose was thankful for the extra hours, but she worked all the time now.  Her “home” a disaster.  With the sinks springing leaks, toilet looking like a bidet, shower growing mildew, and her tiny garden wilting away, but who’s got the energy for all that?  Rose definitely needed a break.  She left everything just the way they were and took off for the night club.  Rose could always wind down to some blues.  For a while Rose forgot all her troubles.  She could use a drink, but since that was out of the question dancing was her should do the trick.

dancing with miles

She was lost in thought, feeling the music, dancing, that she didn’t even realize Miles had been watching her.  Startled and a bit embarrassed, she busts out laughing.  Miles laughs along with her.  “How long have you been watching me and where did you come from?” asks Rose.  Miles tells her he had been there since the club opened.  “I love the blues,” he said beaming.  Miles didn’t know Rose was in the club until she got up to dance.  Its Hard not to notice as she was the only one dancing.  “What are you doing here,” Miles asks.  “Just needed a break from life, really,” says Rose, “I really want a drink, but I don’t think the little guy would like that” pointing at her belly. “So it’s a boy?” asks Miles.  Rose nods.  They get to talking.  Rose tells him everything running a muck at her “home” danced a bit, (a lotta bit) until Rose just had to go home.  The baby kicking all night was getting too uncomfortable.  “Did you want me to come by and see if I can fix your stuff?”  “Aahh, sure,” Rose says awkwardly.  “I got to go to work later, though,” she continued.  “Everything will be fixed by the time you get home,” Miles promises.

The first thing Miles sees when he arrives was the leaking sink.broken sink

He shakes his head and got to work.  Once done he started on the bathroom sink which to his surprise was leaking too.

miles fixing sink

After the sink he started on the toilet (He cleans in his pajamas, by the way)

fixing toilet

Even tended to Rose’s garden.

whistle while you work

Miles had done a lot.  He looks at his time and decides he had time to go do his work out routine and come back and finish.  As soon as he got back he fixed the shower and cleaned it.

cleaning shower

“This should help her out some, ” he says out loud.





Moment of Truth (2)

Taking heed of Lillie’s advice Rose calls Miles.  After exchanging greetings, Rose asks, “Do you think you can come over?”

calling miles

Miles Ajjanagadde will be right over…

are you sure it's mine

Rose tells Miles that she just found out she’s pregnant.  “Are you sure,” Miles asks.  “Of course I’m sure,” Rose shot back.  “No, I mean, are you sure its mine, cuz we only did it once.”


“What the #### did you just ask me?!”, Rose screamed.  (Can someone please update Miles that it only takes one time) They argued half the night and by morning Miles tells Rose he had to go.  He was still trying to process the news from Rose.  “Okay,” Rose says.  “Miles?” Rose calls out to him before he walked out.need to think

Miles looks at her.  From Miles expression Rose could tell he wasn’t too thrilled about her pregnancy.  “Never mind, ” she says.  “I’ll call you,” Miles says as he was leaving.

So quick Bio on Miles Ajjanagadde (weird name, I know):

He was raised by his grandparents Freddie and Maggie Ajjanagadde after his mom takes off with her boyfriend leaving him behind.  Social services got involved and was placed with his grandparents.  He was raised as an only child until he was in his teens.  At this time his grandparents also took in Miles’ cousin Denise Ajjanagadde.  Despite the disappearance of his mom his grandparents helped fill in that void by showering him with love.  He loves his grandparents dearly and little Denise whom he now considers his sister.


A lot on his mind Miles heads to the gym.  He could really use his grandfather’s wisdom right about now.  Miles calls him over.  He confides to his grandfather about Rose and the fact that she’s pregnant.

freddie Ajjanagadde

“How do you know she wasn’t pregnant before your rendezvous with her?  You can’t just take her word for it, didn’t you say you just met her?” (Look at Don’s nosy self listening in on their convo) miles hike.jpg

Miles and Freddie part ways and Miles decides a good hike might help make sense of his current situation.  His grandfather is right.  Miles can’t be sure if he is the father.  Further more, he barely know Rose enough to trust her.  But then again what IF the kid is his.  He can’t rule that possibility out.


He heads back to Rose’s and hesitantly explains his discomfort with the whole situation.  He can’t be sure that the baby is his.  He makes it clear that he’d be there for the child if it was his, but he wanted a paternity test done after the birth.  “Fine,” says Rose, waving her arm dismissively as if she wasn’t phased by Miles conditions.  But deep inside she was crushed.



Moment of Truth

Rose hadn’t heard from Miles in awhile and she had no intentions of contacting him.  She was still a bit embarrassed and regretful about the events of their night together.  That night went farther then she had intended.  Oh, well, it is what it is.  Something else wasn’t feeling right.  Her constant nausea and lack of appetite told Rose something was up.  Fearing the worst she heads off to the local general store.

pregnancy test

Her fears confirmed; Rose is pregnant!  OMG!  What is she going to do?  She can barely afford to pay for her own needs, let alone a herself AND a child.


“What’s wrong Rose?  You look a bit pale are you ill?”  “I have something to tell you,” says Rose.  She let’s out a big sigh, “I’m pregnant,” fighting back tears.  Lillie didn’t even realize Rose was seeing someone.  “You’ve been holding out on me,” Lillie says, “you’re seeing someone?”  Rose let’s out another sigh, “not exactly,” and begins to lay out the details of her night with Miles. whos the father

“What were you thinking, Rosey???  You can’t afford a baby right now,” Lillie says disappointingly.  confides in Lillie

“Are you keeping the baby?” Lillie asks.  Rose snaps back, “Abortion is not an option!”  “Well there’s always the option of putting the baby up for adoption,” Lillie says.  Rose couldn’t believe what she was hearing!   Lillie knew about Rose’s past, how could she suggest such a thing?

your decision

“Whatever you decide, Rosey, you know I’ll support you, but I do think you need to tell this Miles guy.  He needs to know.”  “Thank you,” says Rose as she hugs her only friend tightly.

Eye Candy

Rose has been doing well at her job.  She’s climbed through the ranks and is now a line cook.  “Overloading the dishwasher” seemed a distant memory to Rose.

line cook

She spends most of her time off  with her friend Lillie who has become the closest thing to a mother Rose has ever known. They either go fishing together…

fishing with Lillie

for cowplant berries and time capsules (occasionally an actual fish).


or hang out at the community pool splish-splashing.pool

On days that she’s alone off from work she’d go to the gym to work out.  Working as a line cook she’s required to taste the dishes being made.  All that tasting could soon collect around her midriff.  who is this cutey

and plus there’s the guy with the nice bod whom she’s exchanged pleasantries with a couple of times.  Eye-candy at the gym is always good motivation for any work-out session.  (No, not the fool wearing sunglasses indoors)doyouworkhere

Him…with the nice arms and calf muscles to match.pointersonboxing

Very well proportioned.



One afternoon Rose had let her workout session run a little longer than she should.  She needed to run home and grab her uniform before heading to work.  She rushed outside hoping she hadn’t missed the city bus.  To her surprise her eye-candy was out there waiting on the bus!  “*Suu-suu*, I mean, heyyy, ” said Rose.  The bus pulls up they got on and found a seat together.  They had an interesting conversation all the way to where Rose had to get off.


A little after 2:00 in the morning Rose got home from work.  Couldn’t quite go to sleep yet.  As she was still reeling from the pleasant conversation she had with Miles earlier, she decides to work on her garden.  While she was watering her plants she heard a “knock knock” (on her non-existent door).  “What are you doing here” asks Rose, a bit surprised.  And here he goes with the ol’ I-was-in-the-neighborhood line.  wine

“And you just happened to have a bottle of wine while you were in the neighborhood,” says Rose sarcastically.  miles

With a silly grin on his face he admits he had wanted to see her again.  “Besides you mentioned you recently got a promotion and I wanted to celebrate with you.”  Rose was actually glad he stopped by and grabs two glasses for the wine.  One glass of wine turns into two, then three, four…Rose wakes up late in the day with a major headache!   She’s not sure when Miles left.  She doesn’t remember much of the night before other than the hanky-panky that went on.   She looks around at the mess they made.  Empty glasses still on the table and the wine glass probably somewhere under the sofa.


Definitely a juicy entry for her journal.